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Amazing weeks in MA classes (^3^)/

Wow, I've had incredible two weeks and finally some time to relax ^^ I loved all my professors <3 (yes, all of them are professors except one) and first time in my life I'm not complaining about having a full week (even though both work and school are wearing me out and I lost my voice yesterday). From history of China to international relations of Japan, I have great classes. They are like really special lessons cause we are 2 or 4 students and it's like a conversation mostly. They make sandwiches and tea ready. We all eat and drink together during the class and the break. As we are few in number, we've become friends quickly. I didn't imagine it to be like this, and I'm thankful. It's going to be a great experience hopefully ^^

Dexter finale, new beginnings

Now that Dexter has ended (not in a nice way).. I need a drama in my life. How about some Six Feet Under? I need to watch it properly this time and I'm sure it'll affect me in many other ways.

Master's degree..

So.. today was the first day of my master's program. I was super excited and a bit worried, but I'm like this most of the time anyway ^^ We were three people in our intermediate Japanese class. Our teacher is a well-known translator of Turkish and Japanese and he was speaking Japanese most of the time. I knew that I wouldn't be having a hard time understanding it, but I was surprised that I could talk as well ^__^ One of the others had some difficulty in both writing and speaking, so the teacher suggested that she should transfer to beginner's class. I'm glad my Japanese is accepted as intermediate. Cause the other student has been to Japan for four years and we're like in the same level in our teacher's eyes. Tomorrow, there's no class as the teacher will be abroad this week. Luckily, I'll have some time to relax, cause it'll be a hard week.


Hayatimin en zor kararlarindan birini veriyorum bugun. Bu sene ekstra guce ihtiyacim olacak bu karar yuzunden. Goku olsa da genkidama yapsa benim icin ^^


Life as we know it.

I didn't know that one can be contented and sad at the same time. Right now, my life feels like a mess. But I'm happy with it. I rented an apartment and found a nice roommate. Though it's a bit scary, I have myself to depend on and it feels right. My job will become much more fun hopefully as I'll be teaching kids from now on, and I'm getting one step closer to my dream. Japan. I am seeing my advisor on Monday and I will decide whether I should go to university for 4 days or less. I wish some of the classes were in the weekends. Oh well, life is what it is. Let's see what happens next..





I haven't had time for making icons recently. I joined work& travel program for this summer and I will be going to LA in June. I don't know how I should feel :P Sometimes I become so nervous that I think about giving up, but sometimes I become so excited that nothing makes me happy here :P

Anyways, I created a tumblr account. I only posted one picture but there'll be more if anyone's interested. Take a look :)


Without me, his world will go on turning..


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Leighton Meester

Credit please :)
I love comments <3

It was an April morning..Collapse )
Yesterday was awesome!
I got to see Neil Armstrong (the first person to set foot on the Moon), Gene Cernan (the last man on the moon), Jim Lovell (the commander of the Apollo 13 mission) and David Hartman (the first host of Good Morning America). They came to our university and stayed for an hour. They talked about their experiences. It was really hard to get inside and find a place to sit, but I managed to get in and sit on the stairs :D
I wish we could get to take photos with them. But I think I'm lucky just to see them :P


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